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Blackhead Remover - 2 Pack Set Blackhead Remover - 2 Pack Set

Blackhead Remover - 2 Pack Set

Easy to operate and use, the ergonomic shape and size design makes it easy to grasp, ensuring your exfoliation procedure is as simple as possible. The rope loop allows you to hang the stone to dry and prevent the growth of bacteria.

This natural lava pumices are natural porous stones with mild abrasive properties which not only exfoliate but protect your feet and hands as it soothes the area and removes impurities

Before use, soak tougher areas in warm water. Then use the pumice stone on the feet with soapy water, and gently rub in a circular pattern.

You never knew you needed it until you’ve got it! This portable phone stand is the ideal size for your office desk or bedside table. The holder is foldable and compact so you can take it everywhere and anywhere!


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