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3 Pack Magnetic Lashes - Flutter 3 Pack Magnetic Lashes - Flutter

3 Pack Magnetic Lashes - Flutter

Turn up your lash game with our range of lightweight 3 pack lashes.

How to use:
To apply your lashes, first place them over your eye and check the fit so that you are happy with their position. 
Watch out for any gaps in between the band and your natural lash line. If you have a gap, trim off any excess lashes. 
Apply a thin layer of glue along the lash band about 1cm from the root of the lash and wait 30 seconds before placing the lash band against your own lid. 
Press down gently to secure. You can also use a tweezer to be more precise with placement! 
Once it's been applied correctly, allow about 20 minutes for them to dry completely before using mascara.

How to remove:
For removal gently peel lashes off. 

How to care:
Clean lashes with eye make up remover and place them back on tray for reuse.

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