Mr Price Apparel South Africa

Let’s face it, summer just hits different when you have new trending swimwear in your line-up.

Our fresh drops are here to make it happen, while saving you shmoney for those plans you have coming up. From your soon-to-be fave silhouettes in sizes XS-XXL to must-have colours - it’s your time to shine, girl.

Enter the halter, cut-out and asymmetrical styles. Not only do they look hot, they also give that mix-n-mach potential for the rest of your wardrobe.

Whether you're heading to a picnic, having a beach day or out exploring the town, trending cut-out details will keep you feeling light, breezy and undeniably stylish.

You’ll be doing some summer things, obvs – so, you’ll need bikinis and cozzies that not only feel great to swim in, but great to move in too. Talk about fun in the sun typa vibes. PS: Don’t forget that SPF and hat, girl.

We get it, some of you prefer to just chill and look cute – we love that for you. So, let’s make it extra cute with a matching layer and a bag to carry your beach towel, sunnies, hat and maybe even that juicy book you’ve been reading.